Marcos Martins Advogados

Founded in 1982, the law firm Marcos Martins Advogados Associados has developed throughout its trajectory a highly specialized profile in rendering legal services. The commitment with the efficient assistance of its clients stimulates the search for adequate and creative legal strategies to the solutions of the needs presented, either within the preventive or litigious scope.
Instituted with a solid base in business law, the Marcos Martins Advogados Associados aggregates a professional team of lawyers with wide experience and highly qualified knowledge in legal counseling with respect to all areas of law, with emphasis in: Corporate, Tax, Labor and Business law.
This multidisciplinary characteristic, as well as the homogeneous performance of all its departments, have guaranteed the involvement of the firm in several important national and international business transactions, in industry and services sector.
Marcos Martins Advogados Associados’performance is outlined by its strong commitment with ethical, social and organizational values, aiming primarily the rendering of high-quality legal services.

Mission, Vision and Values

Marcos Martins Advogados Associados’ main characteristic is its comprehensive performance. The purpose of the firm is to provide legal-strategic solutions, by means of a knowledgeable and valuable team, committed to the anticipation of innovative solutions. The firm aims to assure the client a wide and accurate vision of all the possible alternatives, assuming responsible, ethical and dynamic positions, bringing a unique point of view graduated according to the risks
involved. Marcos Martins Advogados Associados values the decision taken on the basis of complete information, so that the client feels himself confident to choose the option he understands more advantageous and coherent.

Our mission is based on the highest ethical standards. The firm is committed to the integrity, transparency, responsibility and respect to the applicable moral and legal principles. Its values, to which the firm attributes the loyalty and partnership of its clients, are rigorously applied and tighten the links between them. Marcos Martins Advogados Associados aims to establish long-lasting relationships, and pays special attention in assuming frank and transparent positions, using them as a tool for the success of the works performed.
Flexibility, dynamism and creativeness are abilities valued and stimulated in Marcos Martins Advogados Associados’ professionals, which allow the creation of specialized assistance profiles and the search for new legal solutions.

Commitments, Social and Environmental Responsibility

Aware of the fact that its existence exceeds the professional limits and interacts directly with the society and the environment, Marcos Martins Advogados Associados has been developing projects to contribute to the improvement of life quality. With its partners and clients, Marcos Martins Advogados Associados
develops social projects and raises funds for distribution to selected institutions which take care of poor communities, based on their seriousness and integrity.

The environmental responsibility is accepted and undertaken by the development of policies and multiples projects, aiming to demonstrate the impact of people’s behaviors on the environment. Different plans are constantly and deeply discussed and applied according to the good social-environmental practices and needs.
Simple and responsible acts are the choice of the firm to contribute with the improvement of the society and the environment.

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