Marcos Martins Advogados awarded in Due Diligence by Acquisition International.

The Firm was recognized as the most notable in Due Diligence in Brazil by a key international publication.

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Marcos Martins Advogados has just been recognized as the most notable Law firm in Brazil in Due Diligence by Acquisition International as part of the Global Excellence Awards 2020.

The Due Dilligence practice is aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and investors in the process of investigating compliance of companies targeted for acquisition or investment as well as assessing legal  risks and liabilities, which gains even more relevance in face of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The award is sponsored by Acquisition International, a business magazine existing for 10 yearswith a monthly circulation of more than 108 thousand copies printed or circulated.

Among its readers are some of the world’s leading leaders and decision makers, investors and financial advisers, especially in the United States and Europe.

The Due Diligence practice

Working upon a solid Commercial and Corporate Law foundation, the firm offers Legal and strategic response from its highly specialized team involved in  Due Diligence which investigates the targeted company in its entirety.

The practice involves investigating the target company’s compliance and documents against the backdrop of legal regulations to allow for counselling on the most suitable form to close the purchase or investment proposal.

The practice area responsible for carrying out Due Diligence procedures in Marcos Martins Advogados is Off-Counselled by Jayme Petra de Mello Neto, which also coordinates some of the ongoing procedures.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a consternation that many businesses would cease to exist. But, after a few months, we realized the market’s ability to adapt and find solutions to stay active”, says Dr. Jayme Petra Mello Neto, the firm’s legal coordinator. “Thus, mergers and acquisitions of companies become an important alternative and a trend for the coming months. It’s time for companies to reinvent themselves.”

The counsellor points out that there are no targeted company free of risks, rendering Due Dilligences a necessary practice to have the correct dimension of the threats involved. “Some of them are taken by the investor with a certain degree of predictability. However, in a pandemic, one must try to anticipate everything related to the market, stock positioning and laws that may affect the business in the future”, he says.

Jayme uses as an example to illustrate this point a possible acquisition of a food producer company which maybe, can be seized by the State during a calamity state to guarantee the maintenance of the essential service. “A good law firm tries to make this scenario forecast, from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic, seeking to support the company in its decision.”

The importance of this Award

The Award was received with joy by the firm since there is no submission procedure but the practice is selected by the market recognizable work through the preceding year.

Being awarded does not simply laureates the firm bu also increase the responsibility and commitment to constant evolve, an ever-present concern of the Firm, which invests in technical and academic improvement of its´ team and maintains a center for the study of legal and business matters (Núcleo Educacional Marcos Martins).

“We believe that when you are ready, opportunities come. With that in mind, we are sure that we can help many companies now and ever”, concludes Jayme.

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About Marcos Martins Advogados:

Founded in 1983, Marcos Martins Advogados is highly regarded in Corporate, Tax, Labor and Business Law. Based on values ​​such as commitment, ethics, integrity, transparency, responsibility and constant specialization and improvement of its professionals, the firm positions itself as a true partner for its clients.

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