Marcos Martins Advogados announces new business development manager

The reinforcement in the area is done by Camila Machado who will manage the department

Marcos Martins Advogados announced the hiring of Camila Machado to manage the business development department. 

Camila has two years of experience at Machado Meyer Advogados and her hiring in this area will help in the development of a new business model in the legal segment, focused on providing strategic solutions.

The new member will support the transformation of the firm’s organizational culture, automate processes and expand the use of artificial intelligence.

Camila has more than ten years of experience in business strategy, planning, marketing, and sales management in the information technology sector, with a focus on growing the software services business. She also has expertise in leading local and regional teams (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, among others). She is an expert in new business development, financial metrics tracking, business partner relationship and strategic alliance building, and sales enablement for external and internal channels.


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