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Litigation, Arbitration, and Bankruptcy

Direito societário

Civil Litigation

We work in the prevention and solution of private litigation, guided by agility, technical excellence, constant interaction, and dialogue with our clients, understanding their sector and the problems posed.

We operate in various courts throughout the national territory, serving clients from various sectors, such as industrial and metallurgy, agribusiness, engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, financial services, health, and logistics.

Our practice includes:

  • Careful and strategic analysis of legal relationships and business, aiming at dispute prevention or resolution;
  • Preparation of legal opinions and opinions on potential and ongoing legal proceedings;
  • Representation out of court, with a view to settlement or placement in default;
  • Representation in judicial and administrative proceedings in a wide range of matters, especially contracts, civil liability, corporate disputes, possession actions, adverse possession, banking, and capital markets law;
  • Performance of due diligence, analyzing and quantifying the risks involved in legal proceedings;
  • Orders and oral arguments before the courts.

Arbitration and Mediation

Our conduct is guided by technical and analytical excellence, consecrated by the long practical experience of our members, acting before the main national chambers (CCBC, CIESP-FIESP, CAM), as well as international (ICC and – LCIA), involving corporate, contractual, and real estate disputes in sectors such as construction and engineering, sugar and alcohol, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, financial, and metallurgy.

Our practice includes:

  • Advice and drafting of legal reports, memoranda, and opinions;
  • Proposal of urgent measures preparatory or incidental to arbitration;
  • Representation throughout arbitral proceedings;
  • Participation in mediation processes, including antecedent or incidental mediations in business reorganization proceedings.

In-Court Reorganization, Out-of-Court Reorganization, and Bankruptcies

business groups from different sectors, with a team of multidisciplinary skills and solid experience in the area. We also advise creditors and investors in distressed companies’ assets.

Our practice includes:

  • Structuring and implementing mechanisms for debt restructuring, including renegotiations of contracts and guarantees, M&A transactions, takeover of companies, fundraising, financing and investments;
  • Filing and conducting requests for in-court reorganization, out-of-court reorganization, or bankruptcies;
  • Negotiation and review of reorganization plans, participation and conduct of meetings of creditors;
  • Judicial defense of co-obligors (guarantors, surety providers, and joint debtors) and negotiation of the respective debts;
  • Disposal of Isolated Production Units (IPUs) and structuring of DIP Financing and Exit Finance;
  • Advising investors on risks and structures for the acquisition of distressed companies or assets, as well as for the acquisition of credits (single names or portfolios) on the secondary market;
  • Advising creditors subject and not subject to in-court reorganization, out-of-court reorganization, and bankruptcy proceedings; and
  • Advising Judicial Trustees on technical and legal matters relating to bankruptcy proceedings.

Debt Recovery and Collection

We have years of expertise in recovering debts through judicial and extrajudicial channels, relying on differentiated strategies and technology tools to locate assets of individual and legal entity debtors from various sectors of the economy.

Our practice includes:

  • Extrajudicial and judicial collection of defaulted debts (foreclosures and monitory and ordinary actions);
  • Tracking assets and movements to conceal assets;
  • Filing of actions for injunctive relief and motions to pierce the corporate veil;
  • Recovery of debts against co-obligors (guarantors, surety providers, and joint debtors);
  • Filing of possessory actions (search and seizure, repossession);
  • Consolidation of fiduciary property.

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