Direito empresarial e societário

Corporate and Business Law

Direito empresarial

Our work in Business Law covers all branches of the specialty, from Corporate Law, through Contractual Law, Credit Titles, Banking, Debt Issuance and Financing, to action for companies in critical situations, both in and out of court.

Our distinction is a long strategic experience working in the sector, which brought us great results in structuring and rescuing companies that were in critical situations, in addition to exemplary results and cases in business operations, generating innovative and dynamic solutions from traditional legal concepts.

We also offer the active participation of legal counseling to the client from the inception of their business project, accompanying them in all phases, positioning ourselves as true business partners and not just advisors.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and International Operations

Planning and structuring of merger and acquisition operations, meeting the demands of national and foreign companies in various sectors. The firm's activities include, among other things:

  • Structuring and implementation of buying and selling companies in Brazil and abroad.
  • Tax, corporate, and contractual advisory.
  • Processes of corporate and succession reorganization, including the formation of joint ventures, mergers, spin-offs, incorporations, and control structures of companies.
  • Support on matters related to international trade in general.
  • National and international mediation and arbitration.

Corporate Restructuring

The performance of our team aims to prevent conflicts by avoiding litigation, preparing self-resolution and mediation models between contracting parties, offering legal support and legal security for this purpose.

Succession Planning

Legal advisory throughout the succession organization and issues related to the preservation of family and/or business assets for the implementation of succession planning, including family holdings, foundations, and trusts.

Assistance in defining administrative and managerial policies according to the levels of corporate governance desired by the family and necessary for the achievement of the company’s objectives.

Family Office

Structuring and legal advisory to national and international family offices.


Assistance in structuring operations, through the adoption of safe and efficient contractual solutions, including the preparation and negotiation of the respective instruments.

Preparation and analysis of contracts in general, such as: loans, financing, national and international leasing, purchase and sale, incorporation, commercial representation, banking in general, administrative, provision of services in general, purchase and sale of shares, among others.

Foreign Investment

Assistance in the establishment of foreign companies and their domestic subsidiaries, as well as in obtaining visas for their partners, directors, and executives.

Advisory for closing foreign exchange operations.

Registrations and declarations with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Advisory in the establishment and maintenance of offshore structures, foundations, and trusts.

Legal advice for financial institutions, publicly traded companies, and investment funds in their relationship with capital markets.

Structuring and establishment of investment funds, initial public offerings, issuance of securities (primary and secondary), derivative operations, and advisory on financial contracts involving small, medium, and large-scale operations.


Action in the scope of negotiations to resolve conflicts, aiming to provide maximum effectiveness in agreements to mitigate costs and risks.

Corporate Crisis

Legal advisory in the structuring, planning, action, and conduct of Judicial and Extrajudicial Recoveries, and Bankruptcies.

Advisory in analyses, strategies, and implementation of judicial recoveries, for renegotiation and restructuring of liabilities, credit claims, and M&A projects structured in this environment.

Participation in General Creditors’ Meetings. Drafting, formatting, and action for competitive sale processes of Isolated Production Units (UPIs).

Antitrust and Regulatory

We work with administrative and judicial procedures in defense of clients’ interests in processes related to economic order, unfair competition, bids, bankruptcy crimes, environmental crimes, and crimes against the tax order.

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