Tiago Aparecido da Silva


Foto Tiago Silva Advogado
Foto Tiago Silva Advogado

Professional experience

Coordinator of Tax Litigation, specialist in identifying opportunities and preparing individualized strategies with the objective of meeting the specific needs of each company, generating greater efficiency and results for the company through legal actions.
Fourteen years of experience in administrative and judicial tax litigation, working with medium and large companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, civil construction, infrastructure, and agribusiness segments.
Extensive experience in Tax Foreclosures with a focus on strategic management of complex tax liabilities, applying individualized controls to protect the company’s bank accounts and other assets from seizure, as well as to mitigate the partners’ liability for payment of the company’s tax debts.

Ícone - Formação acadêmica

Academic education

USP – Agribusiness Taxation – 2022 (in progress)
INSPER – Corporate Financial Management – 2019;
SENAC – Leadership Development – 2019;
SAINT PAUL – Accounting for non-accountants – 2018;
INSPER – Tax Planning: Challenges and Best Practices – 2017;
IBMEC – Tax Planning – 2016;
INEJE – How to Receive Tax Audits – 2014;
INEJE – Tax Planning – 2013;
UNIVEM – EURÍPIDES SOARES DA ROCHA FOUNDATION – Bachelor of Laws – Completion in 2006.

Extra Activities
Preparation of Suits for Vacatur and all applicable appeals, including oral arguments, in order to extinguish or reduce tax debts unduly demanded, whether due to formal or clerical defects.
Direct action in the preparation of complaints and full conduct of Applications for Mandamus and Declaratory Actions aiming at recovering amounts unduly paid by companies, especially in the state and federal spheres.
Responsible for monitoring and managing case reports, with a focus on strategic performance, allowing a reading of the efficiency of the strategy adopted or its improvement.
Practice in audit services in all spheres, responsible for answering the questions posed, besides practicing in administrative litigation, preparing objections, statements of nonconformity, appeals in general, and oral arguments.

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