Fábio Bernardo


Foto Fábio Bernardo Advogado
Foto Fábio Bernardo Advogado

Professional experience

Extensive experience in strategic tax advisory services for national and international clients, with a focus on tax efficiency and compliance, including M&A transactions, corporate reorganizations, and obtaining special tax arrangements at the federal and state levels.

Practice in the analysis, management, and payment planning of complex tax liabilities, adjusting them to the companies’ cash flow. Extensive experience in administrative and judicial tax litigation.

Practice in the renewable energy (solar and wind), automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, infrastructure, oil and gas segments.

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Academic education

Graduated from the “Eurípides Soares da Rocha” Teaching Foundation – Marília School of Law in 2009. Specialist in Tax Law from the Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies (IBET) in 2011.

Continuing Education in Tax Accounting from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP in 2013. Specialist in Corporate Operations Management and Tax Planning from the National Institute of Legal and Business Studies – INEJE in 2015.

Continuing Education in International Tax Law from the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law – IBDT in 2017. Valuation: Corporate Valuation, Mergers, Acquisitions and Stocks by Saint Paul, School of Business in 2019.

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