2nd episode of the web series “Guiding for Transformation” | The legal market

The 2nd episode of the web series “Guiding for Transformation” contextualizes the legal market from the perspective of our CEO, Marcos Amorim, the head of the Tax area, Angelo Ambrizzi, and the head of the Litigation, Arbitration, and Insolvency area, Leonardo Dias.

The episode highlights the major changes that have occurred in the legal market over the past few years and shows how the firm has responded to these transformations without losing sight of our purpose to guide for transformation.

According to the experts, with the emergence of social media, artificial intelligence, and various other technologies, much has changed in the market. This brings numerous advantages in terms of efficiency but may overlook the human aspect.

Watch now and learn how we are moving forward to continue guiding our clients towards transformation!

Watch the second episode of the web series now.


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