Jayme Petra de Mello Neto

Head of Taxation

Professional experience

With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Commercial, Corporate, Business Law, Arbitration, Banking and Capital Markets, Jayme also has extensive experience in the airline and logistics segments.
He is a professor of postgraduate and extension courses in Business, Contract, Civil and Labor Law courses at EPD, ESAOAB, ESAMC, USCS and other institutions.

Also served as Legal Director of Airline and Logistics Companies for 8 consecutive years.

Attorney at Nogueira Elias Laskowski Matias in the areas of Business Law, Competition Law, Contracts, and Corporate Litigation.

Business Lawyer as a solo practitioner.

Professor of Postgraduate and continuing education courses at EPD, ESAOAB, ESAMC, USCS, and other institutions.

Author of Legal Books on Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and Capital Markets Law (in print).

Writer for the Journal of Banking Law and Capital Markets – RT


Member of the Interdisciplinary Business Law Group – GIDE

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Academic education

Graduate of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, 1996
Post-Graduate Degree in Civil Law and Civil Procedure from EPD, 2022
Post-Graduate Degree in Business Law from EPD, 2008
Master of Law – Lusophone University of Humanities and Technology – Lisbon 2008


Teaches post-graduate courses in Business, Contract, Civil, and Labor Law. Member of GIDE – Interdisciplinary Business Law Group

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